Radiopedia Case Answers

Case 1 Normal CT brain 

Case 2 Hyperdense middle cerebral artery sign 

Case 3 MCA infarction 

Case 4 Right MCA infarction 

Case 5 Left middle cerebral artery territory stroke – dense MCA sign 

Case 6 Diffuse low grade astrocytoma 

Case 7 Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) 

Case 8 Chiari 1 malformation with atlanto-occipital assimilation and basilar invagination 

Case 9 Left MCA infarct 

Case 10 Haemorrhagic transformation of MCA infarct 

Case 11 Borderzone/watershed infarct 

Case 12 Anterior cerebral artery infarct 

Case 13 Anterior cerebral artery infarction 

Case 14 MCA infarct and craniectomy 

Case 15 Left PCA infarction 

Case 16 Cerebral venous haemorrhagic infarction 

Case 17 Left middle cerebral artery territory stroke with haemorrhagic transformation 

Case 18 Right PICA territory stroke 

Case 19 Cerebellar infarction 

Case 20 Basilar artery thrombosis 

Case 21 Global hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy 

Case 22 Global hypoxic ischaemic brain injury 

Case 23 Thalamic haemorrhage 

Case 24 Thalamic haemorrhage 

Case 25 Intracranial haemorrhage 

Case 26 Cerebral venous infarction 

Case 27 Cerebral venous haemorrhagic infarct from venous sinus thrombosis 

Case 28 Cerebral haemorrhagic contusion with subdural and subarachnoid haemorrhage 

Case 29 Subarachnoid haemorrhage 

Case 30 Subarachnoid haemorrhage 

Case 31 Cerebral arteriovenous malformation 

Case 32 Perimesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage 

Case 33 Arteriovenous malformation – cerebral 

Case 34 Cerebral arteriovenous malformation 

Case 35 Internal carotid aneurysm – giant 

Case 36 Giant cerebral aneurysm of middle cerebral artery 

Case 37 Intracranial haemorrhage with decompressive craniectomy 

Case 38 Multitrauma with thoracic and intracranial injuries 

Case 39 Orbital blowout fracture with inferior rectus entrapment 

Case 40 Fatal gunshot wound to the head 

Case 41 Nail through skull into brain 

Case 42 Gunshot wound to head 

Case 43 Extradural haematoma 

Case 44 Subdural haemorrhage – on warfarin 

Case 45 Coup-contracoup injury 

Case 46 Chronic subdural haematomas 

Case 47 Pneumocephalus following sinus surgery 

Case 48 Aqueduct stenosis 

Case 49 Obstructive hydrocephalus 

Case 50 Broken intracranial shunt 

Case 51 Colloid cyst 

Case 52 CSF overshunting-associated bilateral subdural haematoma 

Case 53 Cerebral oedema 

Case 54 Frontal meningioma 

Case 55 Metastatic melanoma in the brain 

Case 56 Cerebellopontine angle arachnoid cyst 

Case 57 Pituitary adenoma 

Case 58 Chiari I malformation 

Case 59 Cerebral metastasis – breast cancer 

Case 60 Cerebellar abscess secondary to mastoiditis 

Case 61 Cerebral abscess 

Case 62 Cerebral abscess 

Case 63 Pott puffy tumour 

Case 64 Potts puffy tumour 

Case 65 Pott puffy tumour 

Case 66 Neonatal ventriculoperitoneal shunt