Acute Head and Neck Imaging

The course is designed to give you a robust way to approach Non-Traumatic Acute Head and Neck Imaging in the on-call setting through a large volume of interactive DICOM PACS cases and expert teaching. The focus is on real life cases and developing solid foundations to practice safely.
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What you'll learn

Course description

Dr Hart is a very experienced lecturer and will go through head and neck imaging. This is ideal for beginners and intermediate reporters/radiographers who are interested in Heddon imaging. This course has a particular slant towards the emergency side of imaging of the head and neck which can be extremely challenging given the tight space and important structures the head and neck images represent.

Course outline

Dr Hart Will explain the ideal way to report emergency head and neck imaging

The motion of the various important anatomy that is present in Head and neck imaging

Emergency head and neck imaging will include ultrasound, CT and MRI. The indication for these various modalities will be explained in these lectures

The various anatomy and pathology that can occur in the oral cavity will be explained with example cases

Various acute pathologies can occur in the salivary glands and multiple example cases will be explained during the lecture day

Important anatomy and pathology with regards to the pharynx and larynx will be covered

The orbits can be a very challenging area to be assessed during acute imaging. The lecture day will go through in detail various anatomical regions of interest and pathologies that are related to the  orbits

Fractures and pathology can occur in this region.


This is a very important check area that is often missed with reporters who are at the early stage of learning about head and neck imaging.

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