Advanced Chest X-ray Interpretation Course (On Demand)

The course is designed to give you a robust way to approach CXR interpretation through a large volume of interactive DICOM PACS cases and expert teaching. The focus is on real life cases and developing solid foundations to practice safely.

What you'll learn

Course description

We develop chest x-ray interpretation for more intermediate imaging professionals. We build on previous principles from the basic chest x-ray course to take on more challenging cases and talk through more nuanced findings.

Course outline

General approach to chest x-ray reporting

We go through the best way to report chest x-ray is based on extensive experience as a consultant

In real life scenarios chest x-rays are not perfectly taken. Therefore we talk about the difficult projections that can occur and how to interpret imaging within real life limitations.

We go through more challenging cases developing on previously learnt principles during the course

We talk through mediastinal and cardiac disease that can be interpreted from chest x-ray machine

A chance to test your skills out on a mixed number of cases with the help of the consultant lecturer

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