CT Colonography Course for Radiographers

The course is designed to give you a robust way to approach Trauma radiographs through a large volume of interactive PACS case teaching and expert teaching. The focus is on real life cases and developing solid foundations to practice safely.

What you'll learn

Course Description

As radiographers acquiring the images for CT colonoscopy it can be very important to be able to interpret the images as well.


With a large drive for more focused radiographer training and a push towards radiographer led image interpretation this course will help someone radiographers by giving attendees the framework to be further their own learning in an ever evolving field.

Course outline

The overall consent process with regards to attaining CT colonogarphy images

Understand the patient positions taken during CT colonoscopy imaging

Understand the anatomy of the large bowel with a view of CT colon interpretation

Understand a common pathologies encountered when interpreting images

Understand the principles of using an automated insufflator

Understand the principles behind using an anti-spasmolytic when trying to attain the best images in the safest possible manner

Understand the principles behind climate distension and how it plays a role in the interpretation of the images

Understand the principles behind the different scanning protocols that may be used when attaining images

Understand how to manage the patient after the scan and beyond

Understand how to manage the patient if an adverse event were to occur

No chest x-rays are out of the scope of this course important findings are introduced in this lecture

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