Emergency (A&E) X-ray Course (On Demand)

The course is designed to give you a robust way to approach Trauma radiographs through a large volume of interactive PACS case teaching and expert teaching. The focus is on real life cases and developing solid foundations to practice safely.

What you'll learn

Course Description

This is the ultimate course going through every single type of x-ray that you may encounter during a busy A&E shift.

We have all been in the situation where we are unsure as to how to interpret an image that has come in on a busy shift. Using these failsafe techniques that is taught to radiologist and training, you should be able to interpret the images to a high degree of accuracy.


Using these techniques you will be able to make a sound and safe decision under pressure.

Course outline

General approach to x-ray image interpretation

Action of rules associated with accurate interpretation of x-ray images in the accident and emergency setting

The cervical spine can be really scary as it feels high stakes during a busy shift. These lectures will give you a framework to work from to be able to make a safe decision about the cervical spine

We go through the methods of using McGregor lines to identify facial bone fractures

Identify fractures dislocations and those commonly missed accessory findings

Interpretation of both adult and paediatric elbow x-rays

Brief explanation of basic anatomy before interpretation of some very difficult images

Had to interpret a very common x-ray using tried and tested methods

We’re going through some of the more nuanced findings beyond fractures and alignment

How to interpret foreign bodies and how to confect the subsequent management

No chest x-rays are out of the scope of this course important findings are introduced in this lecture

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