Stanmore Knee MRI Fellowship

One of a kind opportunity to excel in Knee MRI Reporting. A comprehensive online 11-week MRI Knee Fellowship from the world-renowned experts of Stanmore. Following the success of the 2021 Fellowships, we are pleased to offer this updated fellowship.

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Why an Online Fellowship?

Every year, many UK and international radiologists visit the renowned Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, North London, for training –  UK’s largest tertiary orthopaedic and spine hospital. The COVID pandemic has unfortunately deprived many such doctors gaining valuable knowledge from experts at this institution.

Two Stanmore radiologists, lead by Dr Asif Saifuddin, have set-up this innovative online fellowship, which is a structured way to improve reporting within a focussed area of MR imaging- the spine, while being able to balance normal full-time work.

Renowned Stanmore Faculty

Dr Asif Saifuddin MBBS FRCR

Dr Saifuddin is an international authority in musculoskeletal, spine and sarcoma imaging. His acclaimed reference textbook ‘Musculoskeletal MRI,’ is the go-to guide in the field and a bench book all over the world. He has written multiple book chapters including in the popular radiology reference book Grainger and Allison. He is one of the most published musculoskeletal radiologists in the UK and Europe and a consultant of 26 years at the UK’s largest tertiary orthopaedic centre, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.

Dr Ramanan Rajakulasingam MBBS FRCR

Dr Rajakulasingam is a Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), Stanmore, UK. He is one of the leading academic forces advancing research and training at RNOH with a large volume of major peer-reviewed publications as well as book chapters, including the upcoming edition of the popular radiology reference textbook by David Sutton. Dr Rajakulasingam qualified from St George’s Medical School in London. He completed his radiology training on the West Midlands scheme, with sub-speciality tertiary centre experience in musculoskeletal imaging from the University Hospital and Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham. This was followed by further Post CCT fellowship training at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore where he is now a consultant.  

Online Fellowship Structure

The fellowship is relatively intense and has been split over 12 weeks, with a focus on a specific area each week.

1. Core knowledge lectures
Fellows will be given weekly pre-recorded lectures on the majority of the topics, given by Dr Saifuddin. This will provide them with the essential knowledge to review the cases each week.

2. DICOM Case Reporting
Every week, fellows will be given approximately 10 cases on our Cloud PACS DICOM system which they will review and report.

3. Reporting Model Answers
Model answers to weekly reporting cases. Fellows will then check their reports against the model reports.

4. Video explaining every case
Every case will also include a teaching video associated with it, a very important aspect of the fellowship.

5. Monthly Live Q&A
The live session will help answer any questions that fellows may have and address any issues.

All the fellowship material, cases, and videos will be available for 12 months.

11 Week Fellowship Programme

Week 1


Week 2
Cruciate Ligaments


Week 3
Medial and Lateral Ligaments and Corners


Week 4
Extensor Mechanism


Week 5
Cartilage and Subchondral Bone


Week 6
Impingement Syndromes


Week 7
Incidental Marrow Lesions


Week 8
Intra-articular/Extra-articular Cystic and Solid Masses


Week 9
Post-operative Knee 1

Clinical aspects of ligament surgery and MRI of post-op ligamentous surgery. Session will also be contributed by an experienced knee surgeon.

Week 10
Post-operative Knee 2

Clinical aspects of meniscal surgery and MRI of the post-op meniscus. Session will also be contributed by an experienced knee surgeon.

Week 11
Miscellaneous + Q & A with Dr Saifuddin

Miscellaneous cases uploaded by fellows as well as Q & A with Dr Saifuddin



Fellowship Highlights

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