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With an ongoing shortage of radiologists in the UK, now is an excellent time to take professional radiology courses and train with the UK’s most popular imaging course provider.

As a technologically-driven field, radiology can offer you an exciting medical speciality to work in. As technology advances, it can help to keep up your training once qualified with regular refresher courses and new radiology lectures.

Clinical radiologists use cutting-edge imaging technology to diagnose, treat and manage the progression of many different diseases and health issues. The field of radiology has advanced our medical knowledge and understanding of conditions.

In many cases, the use of diagnostic imaging has allowed doctors to diagnose health conditions at a much earlier stage than was previously possible, leading to more swift, more accurate treatment and a better outcome for the patient.

Radiologists now help doctors perform precise image-guided treatments and better monitor and manage disease progression in their patients. Almost all areas of clinical medicine now heavily rely on radiology to perform at their very best, which has resulted in an increased demand for top-quality radiologists.

What do radiographers do?

Radiography is an in-demand role right now, and you can train to specialise in diagnostic radiography or as a therapeutic radiographer.

As a diagnostic radiographer, you will be required to create and interpret highly detailed body images to screen for medical abnormalities. You will use your diagnostic skills to identify bodily injuries and areas of disease that require treatment.

You may be asked to take part in medical procedures such as biopsies, where you will examine tissues to confirm the presence of a disease and the possible cause.

As a therapeutic radiographer, you will be involved in the planning and administering of therapeutic treatments such as radiotherapy. You will work hand in hand with medical specialists to create treatment plans and assess patients’ responses and progress throughout their treatments.

Radiographers are employed across many medical fields, so you could work within a hospital, therapy clinic, or in hospice care, working with end of life patients.

You will usually be expected to wear a professional uniform and protective clothing in your role.

If you are keen to train as a radiographer, we offer RCR accredited CPD radiology courses for all healthcare professionals wishing to train and specialise in radiography.

Radiographer training UK

As radiologists are at the heart of patient care, it can help to learn how to train in the field and what skills and knowledge you will need to help you in your career.~

In most cases, radiographers will need:

  • A good knowledge of human biology
  • A good understanding of medicine and medical procedures
  • A high level of sensitivity and understanding
  • Be able to think clearly and logically
  • Be comfortable using modern technology and software packages
  • Have active listening skills
  • Have an eye for detail
  • Have good concentration skills

You will also need to go through enhanced background checks, as you may be working with children and vulnerable adults as part of your job.

In most cases, radiology candidates will be a postgraduate that can register with the Health and Care Professions Council. However, you can also train on a diagnostic or therapeutic radiography degree apprenticeship.

You can work as a radiography assistant where you can study and work your way up to an assistant practitioner. You can advance your career and learn radiology from our world-class faculty and earn a professional qualification in radiology.

Accredited courses on offer

We are the UK’s most popular imaging course provider. We offer a range of flexible courses and learning support, including virtual courses, Q&A sessions during live seminars with experts, convenient course playback options, and expert tips.

More Healthcare Professionals attend our online Radiology events every month than any other UK training provider. We offer a fully immersive experience using cutting-edge technology and Cloud DICOM PACS. Course participants will earn CPD points after completing the course.