Gave great tips for looking at CT heads explained everything really well. Simplified everything without making it too simple! Great course found it very helpful. The handouts were very helpful to follow the slides and to note down the pathologies with picture reference for future reviewing!

Efficiency, excellent speakers, lots of cases and outstanding teaching session. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. To me it was one of those courses that I learned a lot from it. Please do organise these courses in the future and I would recommend to my colleagues as well. Thank you for organising this course.

The way you showed us how to read scans is the right way to teach. It was the most interesting lecture on pathology I have been to. Please go to universities and do this with post-graduate students. Courses like this one are very important for radiographers, as it increases their confidence at work, which makes the departments more efficient, by reducing unnecessary cases taken to the duty radiologist.

Keep up the good work. I am honoured to be a delegate to this course which was the first of its type. Hope to attend more of your courses.

As a new radiographer head reporter, this was great for consolidation. I liked the infection part, abscesses, meningitis and herpes simplex, as this is what has had me stumped on previous night shifts.

It started with the basics and applied the same rules all throughout. Also, there was a wide variety of cases that were discussed, covering most of the important cases that one might see in practice.

The variety of cases and also the fact that they were clearly explained by using commonly applicable techniques easy to remember and apply on a daily basis

Great course! So happy I attended. I would like it if the course was conducted in other cities too. Thank you for your time and effort.

Really enjoyed this study day. It was very engaging and learned a lot. Found the tips to view heads very useful and what to look out for. Wont forget CSF spaces!

Excellent course Lot of data and volume all through the day as very extensive information given.

Loved it, found very useful, pitched at the right level (knowledge-wise). Please do more.

Thank you very much to both Radiologist for their experience and sharing knowledges.

Enjoyable course which will hopefully improve my viewing of CT heads

The course was very engaging, went at the right pace and felt beneficial to my job role.

Easy to follow and good tips from the speakers.

Liked the venue, the hand outs were excellent.

Unique way to read CT head.

Very good. Highly commended.

Liked everything about the course.